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Week 3
Week 3

For week 3 I have focused on designing my website. This site is being built through WordPress, an application that is new to me and that is very different from web-development tools I have used in the past.

I’ve learned that plugins (add-ons) really help you customize your site. Two plugins I use for this site are Elementor and Premium Addons for Elementor. These plugins go hand-in-hand and have helped me customize text, images, overall page display, and more.

I also researched more DoOO sites and made notes with Google Jamboard of ideas for the SNC DoOO site. I added sticky notes with website links so I can refrence back to websites I got inspiration from. I’ve found many DoOO sites through the Reclaim Hosting website.

For next week I plan on exploring more DoOO blogs and learning more about how WordPress works.