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Week 5
Week 5

Week 5

This week I spent a lot of time of customizing the examples subdomain for the DoOO site. 

The biggest challenge I faced this week was picking a theme that resembled the Google Jamboard design I brainstormed a few weeks ago.

To find inspiration, I looked at another site using/testing the SPLOT Writer plugin. The site’s theme is “Hitchcock” by Anders Norén. I also decided to use a theme by Norén for the subdomain – “Garfunkel”.

I made a few test posts/submissions using the SPLOT Writer form to see how the posts would be displayed on the home page.

Something I liked about the Garfunkel theme is that the size of the post depends on the size of the submitted image and text provided. This means that as more posts get added they will not all be the same size (an idea and look I noted while brainstorming).

There are a lot of changes I still would like to make. One of the first things I will be working on is limiting the amount of posts displayed and displaying site categories on the home page. The Garfunkel theme does not allow widgets on the home page so I need to find a way to sort submitted site types (right now I am doing this through the menu bar).

One last thing I will be working on in the upcoming week is the overall design and aesthetic of the site. This includes the background of the site, colors, and menu bar. I would like to resemble the aesthetic of the Knight Domains page.

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