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Exploring VR (Week 6)
Exploring VR (Week 6)

Exploring VR (Week 6)

This week I spent some time researching VR – mostly by watching some videos. I’ve always been interested in how VR content is developed and how it can be used outside of gaming.

A TEDx talk done by Alex Faaborg brings up how complicated VR development is. Content has to be visually engaging yet not threatening. The way things look and interact in VR will invoke similar responses to the ones we have in the real environment. Therefore developers have to be careful as to avoid overwhelming a player’s senses.

A virtual reality company called ENGAGE is working towards making educational VR the norm. ENGAGE is a platform that allows users to hold conferences with other users around the world, explore virtual locations, and use 3D interactive objects through Immersive VR. 

One experience ENGAGE created was a replication of the Titanic sinking from the perspective of a lifeboat. Other experiences take place in space or at sea.

Another educational use for VR can be applied for real world training. In the video below, NYPD officers practice how to handle active shooter situations in the safety of a virtual environment. VR development from ENAGE and V-Armed (seen in the NYPD video) are paving the way for mainstream usage of VR.

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