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Week 8
Week 8

Week 8

This week I spent some time trying a few different things. First I brainstormed a few logo designs for DoOO. 

The majority of these designs were inspired by the idea of having your own piece of the web.

Then I spent some time playing around with the “Post Grid” plugin. The plugin gives you a few layout options to display posts by either categories or tags. Next week I plan on finding ways to customize the look of the grid more.

I also got the opportunity to try out Art Gate VR on Oculus Quest. This was pretty exciting because I had watched several videos of Art Gate VR on YouTube, but the experience is much more impressive in VR. I was surprised by the detail of the paintings through texture and the range of different art/mediums being displayed (paintings, images, sculptures/moving sculptures, video).  I’m interested to see how student work can be translated into a VR display  since students can be encouraged to think instead of 3D in addition to traditional 2D art.

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