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Art Gate VR
Art Gate VR

Art Gate VR

Recently Susan Ashley, Instructional Designer at SNC, and I had the chance to explore Art Gate VR.  In the public setting we met with Art Gate’s co-founder Brendon McNaughton, who was kind enough to explain the basics of Art Gate such as how to move and how to record.

Brendon then gave us a tour of some exhibits, including one by Erin Loree, one of the first artists to share their work in Art Gate. Exhibits in Art Gate have the ability to display several works by the same artist in just one space – something rarely found in the real world. In a little over a year Art Gate VR now features the work of several artists who use a variety of mediums such as paintings, sculptures, and videos.

Erin Loree Exhibit

We also visited Brendon’s own exhibit. There we saw several sculptures that were marble, bronze, and even 3D-printed.

One such sculpture was Nest Egg. Nest Egg is a reference and play on the idea that many pieces of art have become collectable, just like nest eggs. Other notable pieces by Brendon include the Heart of Gold and Blue Chip.

"Real" Nest Egg
Nest Egg in Art Gate VR

Below is a video taken of me during the meeting with Brendon as he showed me Nest Egg.

After touring Art Gate with us, Brendon talked about the future of Art Gate VR and their developmental plans. Together we also talked about how Art Gate VR might be used here at SNC. The prospect of student led exhibits is exciting as SNC students have the potential to share their work on a larger scale while also getting to experiment with tech that may be commonly used in the future.

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  1. Susan Ashley

    We received some great news today! Our St. Norbert Spawning Innovation funding proposal has been approved! I am thankful for the opportunity to try our initiative and so thrilled to be sharing this experience with you. Your blog posts will be a great way to disseminate our journey with others. Great Job!

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