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Week 10 & 11
Week 10 & 11

Week 10 & 11

For the past two weeks I have been looking at some new stuff including Udacity and Affinity Software.

Udacity is an organization that offers many online courses and programs including programming and development, artifical intelligence, cloud computing, data science, autonomous systems, and more. In the programming and development category I am taking and intro to HTML and CSS course. The course offers a series of instructional videos followed by a problem set of questions and application problems.

Below is an example of an instructional video on HTML structure and a picture of a problem set using headings and paragraphs.

Affinity is creative software that includes Affinity Publisher, Photo, and Designer. I’m very lucky to try and test out this software. With it I’d like to recreate and design the background for the DoOO examples page and also attempt to create a DoOO logo. So far in Affinity Designer I have played around with some brushes and textures and made a graphic.

Below is a tutorial for a neon glow line effect using Affinity Photo. I plan on following this tutorial to help redesign the current examples page background.

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