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The Wrong Biennale Event – Art Gate VR (Week 12)
The Wrong Biennale Event – Art Gate VR (Week 12)

The Wrong Biennale Event – Art Gate VR (Week 12)

Last week I had the opportunity to attend my first Art Gate VR exhibition and event: The Wrong Biennale’s Lossless (Bodies). The Wrong is a movement consisting of thousands of artists and curators that embrace digital art on a global scale. Embassies and pavilions signify art, artists, and exhibitions both offline and online. 

This online event; however, featured pieces from several artists in a 5 room gallery from the “Lossless (Bodies)” collection and focused on the idea that the growing presence of the digital world allows us to have additional bodies or versions of ourselves that are not as limited as we might be in the physical world.

Co-founders Brendon McNaughton and Justin O’Heir, along with Miriam Arbus, gallery curator, welcomed attendees to the event and explained the message behind it. The event was attended by people from places all over the world including Canada and Belgium, which was really exciting as it’s one thing to talk about VR being used as a global communication device and another to experience it yourself. 

Below are pictures of the event as people talked and explored the gallery.

What surprised me most about the gallery was how well different styles of art worked together to convey a message. The gallery consists of several mediums including pictures, virtual imaging, digital videos, CGI art, 3D sculptures, and more. I think that galleries hold a lot of potential for SNC students because although no two artists have the same style, they can work together on a common theme. It will be interesting to see what students design on a larger collaborative scale and how they choose to curate their work in VR.

Below are some examples of art displayed in the gallery.

by Claire Hentschker

There will be another Art Gate VR event for the Wrong Biennale exhibit on Dec 8th at 1-3 EST. The event features a guided tour lead by the curator of the exhibition, Miriam Arbus.

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