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This summer I had the opportunity to help redesign the Knight Domains website. After looking at sites from other institutions and taking notes on the existing Knight Domains site, I had a few initial goals:
  • Create an “about” page to relocate some information on the original homepage
  • Create a logo to represent Knight Domains and the Community page
  • Add the Knight Domains Community page to the menu
  • Include a “step by step” process inspired by the University of Florida’s website
University of Florida's Domains Website

To build the new homepage I created a new subdomain and Elementor pages. I used the theme “Neve” to keep a cohesive look amongst the Knight Domains site and the Community site. I ended up designing  home and about pages and saving them as Elementor templates. From there I was able to export (download) the templates and import them onto new pages on the Knight Domains website.

Since Knight Domains is a Domain of One’s Own initiative, cPanel was already built into the site and was paired with the theme “Enfold”. To keep the cPanel dashboard intact and familiar to users, the Knight Domains site theme remained as Enfold instead of switching to Neve. Luckily, the Enfold theme options were very customizable and I was able to recreate a similar header to the one seen on the Community page. After figuring out how to utilize Enfold’s theme options I was able to achieve my goals.

Below is the final Knight Domains page!

Earlier this summer I also had the opportunity to help redesign the Knight Domains Community website and blog about the process. You can visit the Visit the Knight Domains Community page here.

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