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Adobe Portfolio

Adobe Portfolio

During the second half of my Junior year I have been taking Design for the Web (Art 485). The premise of this class is to build a digital portfolio. During my time as a research fellow and Tech Bar team member I have had the opportunity to work on a few personal sites, primarily in Knight Domains. To get out of my comfort zone I decided to try using Adobe Portfolio for this assignment. 

With an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription you are able to create up to 5 websites and select from a small selection of portfolio templates. These templates display photo-focused home pages and the opportunity to customize the basics of pages and page content. I think that Adobe Portfolio is excellent for users who are looking for a clean website look that is easy to navigate and make subtle changes to. The interface is rather intuitive and you can finish a portfolio in a matter of a few hours.

One negative of Adobe Portfolio is that if your subscription lapses your portfolio sites are not saved. If you’re looking to host a site long term, a domain may be more favorable and cost effective.

Click here to visit my Adobe Portfolio site.

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